My pop and grandma are very important to me and I love them so much.

When I go to my pop and grandmas I always get to bake dounuts.

When I’m with my pop and grandma I have a nice feeling in me

and I love it.

At my pop and grandma’s house they have a really nice room called

the white room and you only can go in there if you have clean feet.

I love spending time with them. 🙂

I hope that I can have a sleep over with them soon.

P.S: I didn’t make this donut.

The Cruise


“WOW! This ship is huge,” said Molly.


Molly was on a family vacation with her mum and dad.

She was having an amazing time.

On the cruise ship there was a pool, spa, scuba diving place, water park, a nice view, a fancy restaurant, a big park, a sauna, a sand park and a beauty salon.

One night when Molly’s parents and everyone else were in their beds sleeping Molly snuck out of bed and went to the edge of the ship. She was looking at the view  of the water  and after a while she went back to bed. In the morning Molly was looking at the view with her parents then she said “Hey, mum, dad watch this.” Molly stood on the railing and then, next thing you know MOLLY GOES OVERBOARD!

Did she get back on the ship?

Did Molly get back home?

Did she see her family ever again?

What happens next?



How could this happen to me?

I’m crying right now and I just can’t stop.

If you read the name of this post you might be saying,

what happend to you? Or whats wrong?

Well I’m sorry to break it to you but…

Mrs Riding’s leaving!

It’s going to be hard knowing that Mrs Riding’s not here.

But no matter what I will always remember her and I just want to say

when you read this please have ten seconds of quiet to

remember Mrs Riding.

Possum Magic

“Deep in the Australian bush lived two possums.

Their names were Hush and Grandma Poss.”

Oh my gosh! I just love this book because its full of adventure and surprises. 🙂

This book is written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Julie Vivas.

If I didn’t  have this book I would be lost.

This book fills me with joy. I think everyone should read this book and enjoy it.

If you don’t know what a possum is its a nocturnal animal so that means they sleep in the day and do everything at night.

In this book there are the two possums Hush and Grandma Poss but one day Hush says “Grandma can you make me invisible?” So then Grandma Poss does then BOOM! :0 Hush is invisible. Later on Grandma Poss tries to help get rid of the spell so she looks in all of her bush magic books and still nothing so they leave the bush to go find the thing that will help Hush.


My avatar

Deep in the house lives an…adorable cat.

I chose this avatar because I have a cat at my Mum’s house.

But don’t get me started on her because all she does is eat, drink, sleep and cry all the time because she hungry or wants pats.

Our amazing library and librarian



This post may seem random but I’m going to tell you about our Tenambit public school library and librarian.

Our library is like book heaven you can just go and chill out with friends or just read a book.

Mrs Riding well I’m going to let you in on a little secret that…Mrs Riding is the best librarian in the world.



Book week is almost here!


Wow! Book week is almost here.  

I just can’t wait. I just love the book store that’s held in the library.

Oh and don’t think that I forgot about the book parade. No way!

For the parade I’m going to be Harley Quinn.

Make sure to leave a comment saying who you’re dressing up as 🙂


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